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Application Features
AutoDealer Plus™
AutoDealer Light
Accounting Module (Details)      
Accounting Check Register (Details)      
Accounting Inventory Write Down (Details)      
Accounting Invoicing (Details)      
Accounting Manage Deposits (Details)      
Accounting Package (Details)      
Accounting Payables (Details)      
Accounting Receivables (Details)      
Accounting Reports (Details)      
Automated Menu (Details)      
Bank Ledger (Details)      
Bank Management (Details)      
BHPH Collection Tools (Details)      
BHPH Credit Reporting (Details)      
BHPH Dialer (Details)      
BHPH Interest Calculations (Details)      
BHPH Tools (Details)      
Cancellations (Details)      
Credit Bureaus (Details)      
CRM (Details)      
Custom Printings (Details)      
Custom Website (Details)      
Customized Defaults (Details)      
Deal Matching (Details)      
Dealer Store (Details)      
Dealership Messenger (Details)      
DealerZone (Details)      
DMV Calculator (Details)      
DMV Reconciliation (Details)      
F&I (Details)      
Finance Qualifier (Details)      
Internet Tools (Details)      
Journal Entries (Details)      
KBB Integration (Details)      
Leasing (Details)      
Log Out Feature (Details)      
Online Lending (Details)      
Online Support 24/7 (Details)      
Online Video Tutorials (Details)      
Payroll (Details)      
Profit Statistics (Details)      
Recon Invoicing (Details)      
Sales Alert Tools (Details)      
Sales Contracts Logic (Details)      
Sales Deals' Funds (Details)      
Sales Logic (Details)      
Sales Payments-Roll (Details)      
Sales Tax Rates (Details)      
Sales Tax Worksheet (Details)      
SMOG Check (Details)      
Trade Evaluation Tools (Details)      
Trade Finder (Details)      
Trades Management (Details)      
Vehicle Videos (Details)      
VIN Decoding (Details)      
Websites (Details)      

Regulatory Compliance
AutoDealer Plus™
AutoDealer Light
Audit Reports (Details)      
Consumer Bill of Rights (Details)      
Direct Links (Details)      
DMV Fees (Details)      
Form 8300 Support (Details)      
IRS Audit Reports (Details)      
Legal Disclosures (Details)      
Max. Security Tools (Details)      
OFAC Monitoring (Details)      
Red Flag (Details)      
ROS Audits (Details)      
Sales Tax Worksheet (Details)      
Secured SQL Database (Details)      
Vehicle Disclosures (Details)      

AutoDealer Plus™
AutoDealer Light
Custom Install (Details)      
Multiple Locations (Details)      
Off-site Backup (Details)      
Onsite Server (Details)      
PCs & Printers (Details)      

Business Relationship
AutoDealer Plus™
AutoDealer Light
3rd Party Data Provider (Details)      
Free Updates (Details)      
Month-to-Month (Details)      
Network Assistance (Details)      
The ASN Advantage! (Details)      
Unlimited Technical Support (Details)      
Unlimited Users (Details)      
Vendor Participation (Details)      
Yearly Price Increases (Details)      

Cost Savings
AutoDealer Plus™
AutoDealer Light
ASN Vendors (Details) (Details)      
Formless Printing (Details)      
Sales Leads (Details)